I am Hades

I am Hades is a collection of poems that uses extensive allegories and conceits to unpack creation, death, mourning, mental illness, growth, and spirituality. It reflects the desire to look to the past to find answers to the future.

Below is an excerpt from “I am Hades”, which can be found on page 26:

“I am Hades a lot lately.
I am Hades when I am tired, and
I am Hades when I grasp the handrails as I walk
Upstairs, heaving a boulder I gifted to Tartarus
Just to see if this punishment might have been
Even too much to bear for Hades.”

Published by Exeter Press in 2021, and edited by Kas Lufkin and Katrina M. Thornley, I am Hades is Nathan Dennis’s first poetry collection.